How to Keep Kids Safe

(and prevent problems online)

Welcome to episode 296 of the Every Classroom Matters podcast. In this episode, Shannon Mclintock-Miller and I discuss current best practices about digital citizenship and online safety for kids. If you’ve ever taught kids who have their own smartphones, you know how quickly social media problems can escalate at school. Understandably, schools that don’t open lines […]

How to Understand Cyberbullying: From a Teen’s Experience

Are You a Teacher Kids Can Tell?

what cyberbullying looks like from a teen's perspective

When bad things happen – do kids have someone they trust? Are you that someone? It breaks my heart when today’s brave teenager Sarah Beeghley speaks out about her bouts with bullying. Now a high school senior, Sarah talks about the heartbreaking journey she experienced. For this reason, I’m asking that you listen and discuss […]

How Do We Teach Kids to Use Smartphones Safely?

Digital Citizenship Spotlight

Most students use smartphones with unfiltered access to the Internet. Even worse, many students have no filter when they consider what they should share. Schools and parents need to get smart about how they talk to kids about smartphones. In today’s show, we talk with digital citizenship pioneer, Dr. Mike Ribble, about a cutting-edge issue: […]

A Getting Started Guide to Digital Citizenship Education

How Model Teachers Model Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship Getting Started Guide

A one time assembly about digital citizenship is not enough. So, Susan Bearden believes digital citizenship should be reinforced daily with kids. In light of how much work we have to do in schools, this whole-school approach brings out so many questions! How do you bring everyone together to understand digital citizenship? What is the […]

Things Every Teacher Should Know About Digital Citizenship

Educate yourself to prevent the nightmare

what every teacher should know about

Picking the wrong technology tool can unleash a nightmare. Don’t think it can’t happen to you. If you look over the shoulder of one of Gord Holden’s 10,000 students,  it looks like they are playing a video game. They are not. They are learning. They are safe, too. Let’s dig into Gord’s three things about digital citizenship that […]

How to Safely Connect Six-Year-Olds to the World

Kathy Cassidy shares her secrets for blogging, sharing and keeping kids safe online

Six-year-olds can blog. Canadian first-grade teacher Kathy Cassidy has long shown us the way as she has been blogging with six and seven-year-olds successfully for many years. She shares her secrets of keeping kids safe, helping them build a portfolio and the workflow for helping kids become independent bloggers. Show Notes: How to Safely Connect Six […]

Teaching with Windows 10, Spartan, and Vivaldi

I want my students on the leading, bleeding edge not so they can bleed- so they can lead. Vicki Davis

Troubleshooting is higher order thinking. Comparing new software with older software has students thinking at a high level too. So, when new software is released, I use it to teach. Three recent software releases give you a great way to teach technology: Announced this week —  Windows 10 is free (as a technical preview until October […]

The Simple, Free Productivity App that Will Keep You Up To Date All the Time

The RSS Tool Anyone Can Use: Feedly

Master RSS and Read News Quickly with Feedly

Stay up to date. Be the first one to know. RSS can help you follow your friend’s blogs without having to go to the web page. Feedly is your one stop shop for information. Master Feedly to make your life easier. Today, let’s learn how to set up Feedly (just the basics). We’ll add three sources […]

January 31: the First Student-Led Technology Conference is Here! Join in.

So what if we put students in charge of planning a global student technology conference? It is happening Saturday, January 31 as students from around the world connect and share about technology. Encourage your students to present, participate, and learn. I asked Eric Walters, the teacher of the students organizing this event to share. As […]

Copyright 101: A Simple Video Lesson in Licenses

Copyright 101 and Licenses

Teaching about copyright, Creative Commons, and how to license your work can be a challenge. I’ve created a lesson to explain this simply. All of the videos I’m creating now on the Cool Cat Teacher TV YouTube channel now have essential questions with them. Feel free to use them with your students. Copyright 101: A Simple […]