Take the 21-day Productivity Challenge #makeitstick

The end of the school year is so busy. Now is the time to get organized. In this blog post, I’ll give you my 1-2-3 steps to stress less and 5 productivity hacks. Many of them involve Post-it® Brand Products. I use them all the time, from storyboarding, to drafting articles, to accenting my DIY planner. 21-Day […]

How to Use Google Keep in the Classroom

A conversation with Crystal Koenig on episode 72 of the 10-Minute Teacher

How to use Google Keep in the Classroom (1)

Today Crystal Koenig talks about Google Keep. She uses it to organize her students, clubs, and so many things. She’ll share her tips and tricks and even when she decides to use Evernote instead. Learn all about this tool that has educators talking (especially those with Chromebooks.) Listen Now Stream by clicking here. Click to […]

5 Ways to Energize Yourself for Great Teaching Every Day #MondayMotivation

A conversation with Mark Eichenlaub in episode 71 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast

5 Ways to energize yourself for great teaching

Today Mark Eichenlaub @MarkWEichenlaub talk about taking care of a very important person in your classroom – YOU! We’ll talk about everything from lunchroom food to considering your own energy. I needed this conversation! Listen Now Stream by clicking here. Download the PDF of the Transcript or scroll down to read the transcript right here […]

Combatting Emotional Fatigue: A Teacher’s Occupational Hazard #mondaymotivation

A conversation with Joan Flaherty on episode 61 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast

combatting emotional fatigue pinterest

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life” Mary Oliver. Today’s guest, Joan Flaherty, author of Rest and An Approach to Rejuvenating our Teaching and Ourselves, talks about how we can combat emotional fatigue. Teacher, you have one wild and precious life. Our students do too. We […]

5 Ways to Be Technology’s Master and Not Its Slave #productivity

10MT | Aaron Sams shares productivity secrets on episode #25 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast

Aren’t you tired of being overwhelmed by technology? Do you really need the latest thing to be more productive? Or is the latest thing killing you one wasted moment at a time. Today is a wake up call where we discuss five ways to take back control of your technology. Aaron Sams @chemicalsams helps give us […]

What is the Aroma of Your Life?

Living a life well lived

What is the aroma of your life?

This morning I was getting ready to hop in the shower. I had my cup of coffee on the bathroom counter and accidentally hit it! Coffee went everywhere. After washing hairbrushes and bottles and hairspray and everything, the coffee was gone. The bathroom smells very much like coffee, though. It led me to this thought, […]

#17: Microsoft One Note: Useful Tips and Tricks for the Classroom

10MT | A 10-Minute Teacher Interview with Dr. Tom Grissom

Let’s learn about One Note with Dr. Tom Grissom. But perhaps to understand why I’m a Microsoft One Note fan, I’d like to tell you a story from several months a go. This past fall, I ran into my former student, Miller, at an away football game. She had made the University of Georgia website […]

Why Do We Ask Kids to Sit Down and Learn When the Research Says…

How Sedentary Education Hurts Kids

need more physical activity in schools

Many kids may not have ADD or ADHD but have those symptoms because their school is requiring them to sit for such long periods of time, according to Dr. Brad Johnson. Today’s guest shares the latest research about physical activity and school performance. Not surprisingly, Brad speaks against “sedentary education” and the negative impact it […]

6 Ways to Get the Most out of Back to School Shopping @Staples

Prepare for Back to School

Back to School at Staples #SchoolHappens

Prepare for back to school by getting the supplies (and the rewards) to help you and your classroom succeed. These tips and tricks will help you shop at my FAVORITE school supply shopping store — Staples! Get out your pencil. Follow these links and make your Staples shopping list now. Here we go. 1. Stock […]

GET MY NEW BOOK: Do What Matters

Learn about planning and make your own planner

Do What Matters

I’m sick and tired of doing “things.” ”Things” are what happened to me when I was a young Mom on a tight budget. I kept going to WalMart to buy “things.” I bought a little thing here and a little thing there. Then, I had to buy stuff to organize my “things” and take time […]