4 Ways to Teach With Play

(and captivate your bored students)

Welcome to episode 295 of the Every Classroom Matters podcast. In this episode, Leanna Prater and I discuss how to use play in the classroom to teach. I’m also unveiling a new listening guide for you to use with this show. If you’ve taught for very long, you’ve struggled with the “bored student.” These students might […]

How Do I Help My Substitute Teacher Make Progress with My Students?

Spotlight on Practical Everyday Teaching Problems

As a teacher, there are times many of us will substitute for our peers. Substitutes are fantastic professionals who do a tremendous service for schools. If you have some great substitute teachers, treat them well. But there are things you can do to help good substitute teachers be even better. Some teachers just leave short […]

Making Math Meaningful with Virtual Math Manipulatives

Use technology to help you teach math

virtual math manipulatives

Use the real world to teach without the mess of physical manipulatives. In brief, virtual math manipulatives are powerful tools for math teachers everywhere. On the whole, many teachers don’t understand how to use them. So, today, you’ll get a simple tour of virtual math manipulatives from expert David Wees. In light of the fact that NCTM […]

Ending the School Year with Epic Ideas and Intrigue

End the School Year Like a Pirate with Dave Burgess

ending the school year

Your legacy moment as a teacher is the last day of school. In today’s high-energy show Dave Burgess will get us all motivated to end the school year well. Show Notes: Some epic (but easy) ideas for ending the school year. Great ideas for teachers who are burning out and tired that will get your […]

36 Edtech Tools I’m Using Right Now in My Classroom and Life

and a Link to a Free Resource with More Tips

36 edtech tools I'm using in my classroom and life right now

So many of these tools are essential to me. It is amazing how I use them every single day. Here’s what I’m using all the time in my classroom (and life) right now. Some even hum along and do their job and I didn’t do a thing but set them up. 36 Tools I’m Using […]

How to Teach Students Discussion Forums

An Essential 21st Century Literacy

Discussion forums and threaded conversation are a basic digital literacy. I teach these using Reddit and the Wikispaces discussion forum. When students and teachers know how to communicate effectively in discussion forums, they make themselves able to join forums correctly. Often, when people join discussion forums who don’t know how to use them, they make […]

100+ Great Google Classroom Resources for Educators

The easy tool educators are using every day

100+ Great Google Classroom Resources

Google Classroom allows teachers to easily manage student work and teaching with Google Docs, Google Forms, Google Spreadsheets and anything Google. This handy tool has opened up the doors of blended learning and collaborative classrooms like never before. Teachers wanting to implement Google Classroom can use these resources to get started, level up their learning, or […]

Historical Inquiry: 20+ Creative Ways History Teachers Can use Primary Sources

Every Classroom Matters Episode 201

Historical inquiry and primary sources

Historical inquiry helps make history class exciting. History teachers can use primary sources in creative, exciting ways to make history come alive. Many people in history might be dead, but your teaching doesn’t have to be. Let’s dive in. What is historical inquiry? How can it be used to teach history? How can you use […]

Financial Literacy: Make the Money “Real”

Vicki Davis on Edutopia
November 3, 2015

Financial literacy can be hard to teach. That’s because numbers on a page don’t feel real. With our society’s increasing dependence on credit cards, it’s more important than ever to help students “feel” the realness of their own money. Any effective financial literacy lesson needs to be hands on.

Financial literacy can be taught. A screenshot of Vicki Davis' full blog post on Edutopia.

Financial literacy can be taught, but the best ways are hands-on.

This article is posted in full on my Edutopia blog. In it, I share the greatest financial literacy lesson plan I’ve seen for fifth graders from right here at my school in Camilla. Financial literacy is important! We can all integrate it into our courses. 

Why Does Money Not “Feel Real” to So Many?

For some reason, using credit cards causes us to buy more junk food. And studies have shown that the more transparent our spending (cash versus credit), the less we’re likely to spend.

As I teach accounting, for example, I find that debits and credits alone don’t excite my students. But when I have them use debits and credits to keep track of their assets, profits, and losses while playing Monopoly, they care about accounting for every penny. As the money changes hands between them, they feel how each dollar is something very real.

They may be using play money, but the tactile experience of having it move through their fingers makes the financial concepts stick. And that is what we want, isn’t it?

There are several ways to make financial literacy experiences hands on:

Read the rest of this post on Edutopia

Improving Your Teaching Through Student Feedback

Every Classroom Matters episode 183

Improve your teaching with student feedback.

How can we improve our lessons? When do we know what works and what doesn’t? In today’s show, Dean Shareski talks candidly about student feedback and the role of self-reflection in teaching. Improve the craft of teaching by incorporating his suggestions in your classroom routines. Become intentional and level up a little every day. Important […]