How Any Teacher Can Use Lee Sheldon’s Multiplayer Classroom Model

Powerful Pedagogies for Every Teaching Professional

Star Trek script writer and professional game author Lee Sheldon has designed his entire college course as a game. His book The Multiplayer Classroom: Designing Coursework as a Game is a favorite of many game based learning experts. Quizzes and tests are fighting evil. Students earn experience points for coming to class. Student study groups are called […]

What Should We Teach the Teachers Who Will Teach Tomorrow?

Jim Ryan, Dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Education, talks with Vicki at The Global Education & Skills Forum in this episode of Every Classroom Matters. Jim shares his opinion on how teachers of teachers should be presenting coursework in college. He also talks about the hypocrisy of many professional development and college courses […]

This new chart from the Boston Consulting Group is no surprise to many of us. The things that make us happiest on the job have to do with work environment and our jobs. Topping the list?

  1. Appreciation for Your work
  2. Good Relationships with Colleagues
  3. Good Work-Life Balance
  4. Good Relationships with superiors
  5. Company’s financial stability

So, stability doesn’t come in until number 5.

If principals and superintendents want to improve their schools, start looking at these aspects of jobs. In particular #3 (Good Work-Life Balance) is very hard for educators. In times of struggle and change all five of these are impacted. It is an excellent study and those focusing on leadership will want to read the whole thing.

Source: Decoding Global Talent: 200,000 Survey Responses on Global Mobility and Employment Preferences by the Boston Consulting Group

New Chevrolet Educator Discount #sponsored #thankateacher

Chevrolet has an educator discount program

Things are tight for educators everywhere. Not many educators are getting raises and many jobs are being cut back. I think Chevrolet’s new Educator Discount program can help many of you who are looking to buy a new vehicle. This program is open not just to teachers but to any educators in public, private or higher-ed.  So, […]

The Secret to Successful Innovation: Thrash Early

Does your organization need help being on time and on budget? There is an older video where Seth Godin talks about “shipping it”. We can all do with re-watching this video. We need more successful innovation. So many teachers have great ideas. They don’t implement because they are afraid to ship. Sometimes teachers kick off […]

Massive Creativity MOOC with Rock Stars, Prof Tina Seelig, and NovoED

Creativity Course from Tina Seelig using NOvoEd

Amin Saberi and Anne Trumbore  recently  talked with Vicki Davis on episode #67 of Every Classroom Matters about encouraging creativity.  Only 17% of creatives felt a teacher had taught them to be creative.  As our economy moves  away from the industrial workforce, into the information age and beyond, the question arises, “How does one teach creativity”? Well, […]

MOOC statistics in 2013 via @edsurge

December 22, 2013

MOOC statistics are staggering, if they are to be believed.

With 700 MOOCs offered in 2013 and more than 10 million registered for these courses since beginning, MOOCs remain controversial. This summary article of MOOC 2013 statistics is trending on Edsurge but realize that it was written by someone producing MOOCs, so there may be inherent bias in the post.

That said, as universities move to offer MOOCs for credit in 2014, it will continue to be a model that attracts attention if just for the sheer numbers and the ability to extend the reach of major universities past geographic boundaries.  Coursera remains the leader in MOOC offerings and many will continue to examine this. MOOCs remain a highered trend to watch in 2014.

Educational Leadership: How blame keeps us paralyzed

“The stance a leader takes with respect to blame is…a key determinant in whether a team, department or whole organization will have a culture of learning from mistakes.” Excerpt From: Ben Dattner and Darren Dahl. The Blame Game: How the Hidden Rules of Credit and Blame Determine Our Success or Failure Educational Leadership: Are we playing […]

Attend the Global Education Conference this week #globaled13

Global Education Conference is This Week This week is the Global Education Conference and there are presentations lined up at all times of the day and night sharing the wealth of collaborative efforts throughout the world. If you’re interested in seeing what sessions are going on while you’re awake, this handy guide lets you scroll […]

How research paywalls keep today’s research from becoming best practice

Dominant logic often isolates higher learning researchfrom the teachers who need to apply it. There are pay walls that keep average everyday teachers like me from nosing around in matters reserved for ivory towers. It sort of ticks me off sometimes. Why can’t ivory tower people “adopt” classroom practitioners (like me and many others) who […]