What Does Supportive Teacher Centered Professional Development Look Like?

Research Spotlight with Dr. Matthew Kraft

When a teacher first starts teaching, we know that their learning improves dramatically. Learning to be a good teacher will happen in just about any school during those first few years. But, over time there are schools where teachers keep learning. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen in most schools. In this episode, we will study some […]

How to Help Your Students Work Through Traumatic Experiences

Including Important Tips for Running Active Shooter Drills at School

Students today seem to have more sensitive, traumatic issues than ever before. But sometimes the drills we do — active shooter drills, for example — can cause their own type of trauma. Some kids might even need to opt out of some of those drills.  Child trauma psychologist, Dr. Steven Berkowitz helps us understand children […]

5 Ways to Bring Out the Best in Everybody in Your School

Five stories to help us remember some important things about working with children

Jasmine walked into the room with her feet shuffling. At this instant, she was tired. In addition to cross country, she’d been going to cheer practice and One Act Play. Furthermore, it was also the end of the first grading period and all of her teachers wanted everything YESTERDAY. Last week, her team was eliminated […]

If Some High-Poverty Schools Do Well, Can All?

Dr. Anael Alston talks about what really turns schools around

high poverty schools

Today we’re talking to Dr. Anael Alston about specific issues with high-poverty schools. In a refreshing take on dramatic school change, Anael does not recommend that we assign blame. Instead, he recommends an approach that focuses on teacher expectations and several other things. As a turnaround principal himself, Anael has insights into how to help […]

Overcoming the Biggest Barriers to Effective Parent Teacher Relationships

Start the School Year Right -- Sponsored by @BloomzApp

Social media and technology have changed parent-teacher relationships. If you’re smart, you can harness their power. Today, educator Joe Mazza shares how you can overcome barriers to creating successful partnerships with parents. Joe believes is not our job as an educator to dictate where someone wants to get their information about the school. We should be […]

Is Your School Culture Welcoming to Parents?

Best Selling Author Anne T. Henderson helps us become more parent friendly.


Parents should be partners: it sounds nice, but does it help learning? Anne T. Henderson, author of the best-selling book Beyond the Bake Sale, talks about school culture and parents. Parents are not the enemy. When we teachers engage parents as partners in helping children, we can turn around our struggling students. Also hear her […]

6 Ways Awesome Administrators Help New Teachers Face the First Year with a Smile

Leadership and Support of the New Teaching Professional

6 Ways administrators-help-first-year-teachers

The first year is the toughest. Pretty much every teacher will tell you that. It is when the students will try you. The first year is often when colleagues are the most unsupportive. You don’t know everybody’s names. You aren’t aware of their agendas, so sometimes you step into a problem without realizing it. The […]

The 7 Devices of Transformation in Education

What Most People Don't Realize About Change

7 Devices of transformation in education

I’m in the airport heading home from Miami Device as I draft this post. I learned so much; I’m exhausted. But some of the biggest things I appreciate are the people. Back in May, I purchased a Mac to use at home, and there are tons of tricks I still don’t know. When I plugged […]

Modern Professional Learning: Connecting PLCs With PLNs

A Post written for Edutopia

Modern professional learning

Modern professional learning links the Professional Learning Community (PLC) with the Professional Learning Network (PLN). Help teachers improve teaching by using both together in powerful ways. An Excerpt from Modern Professional Learning: Connecting PLC’s with PLN’s Great teaching knowledge dies every day. It retires. It leaves. Perhaps the secret of saving this knowledge lies in […]

Throwing Students Across the Room Doesn’t Work, This Does…

Every Classroom Matters episode 187

throwing students across the room doesn't work, this does

There aren’t enough scented candles and bubble bath in the world to soothe the stress of a teacher who has completely lost control in her classroom and can’t get it back. But you can get it back. While considering the horrible incident at Spring Valley, I’ve thought about it a thousand ways. There is no […]