Free Masterclass: 15 Best G Suite Tools for Schools

Note: G Suite is the new name for Google Drive

15 best tools for Gsuite Users

If you only used 15 tools in Google Docs and Apps, what would they be? Don’t be overwhelmed with all the choices.  I can help. In this free masterclass, which you can access here… I’m going to share my 15 Best G suite tools for Schools and how to use them in the classroom. Join me on […]

#iste2016 Mindsets and Classroom Management for Making and Inventing in Every Classroom

Presentation Resources

Making mindsets

The third panel I’ll be moderating this ISTE is full of some of the best in the business of people who are making and inventing. As with the sketchnoting slides I shared earlier, it will be best to see this in person, but so many of you can’t be here at ISTE 2016 in Denver! […]

Sketchnoting Superstars Panel from #iste2016

Slides and Resources

IST 2016 Sketchnoting Panel

Sketchnoting is a fascination for me. So, ISTE was a dream for me. What if we got some of the best in sketchnoting together to share their secrets and how this applies to education? Well, we submitted and it is happening today!Today, June 29 at 8:30 am at the ISTE 2016 conference, I’ll be moderating […]

Blended Learning Slides and Resources #iste2016

Presentation from the panel Monday, July 27 at 8:30 am

This morning at ISTE Tom Arnett, Jon Bergmann, Mike Gwaltney, Aaron Sams, Stephanie Sandifer, and Jerry Obermyer all did an incredible job discussing blended and flipped learning. Shell Terrell shared the session on Periscope. (watch here) I tried to upload these slides to ISTE, but they only take 5MB of files and this file is […]

New Productivity Book: Vote on Your Favorite Book Cover

And Grab Some of My Favorite Planning Forms Now

You’ve spoken! I’m only in day two of collecting my 2016 Reader Survey results but one thing is VERY CLEAR. The number one challenge the readers of this blog have is “I don’t have enough time.” (I’ve embedded the live data chart below. The poll is still open.) CCT Reader Poll Survey Question: What is […]

Will You Take the 2016 Cool Cat Teacher Reader Survey?

Speak out. Be heard. I'm listening.

You have things you NEED. Things you WANT. I’m sure there are some things I can do to be a better blogger. Or something I could create that could help more people. Speak out! So, I’m opening up my 2016 reader survey. I don’t ask your email or name. Answer the questions you want to answer. […]

Join the Free EdNextGen Conference about Social Emotional Learning

Free this Week! Learn about Social Emotional Learning and the Impact on Kids

Social Emotional Learning is so important. The free online conference going on now put together by Jason and Ceilia Hilkey with experts like Alfie Kohn, Tony Wagner and many more experts on this topic is a must-listen and share. My interview will air on Friday about Using Projects to teach Compassion AND Technology to share how compassion-based […]

The 7 Questions I ask myself EVERY day

Living an Examined Life of Loveliness

Tracy left me a comment on the 36 Edtech Tools blog post I posted this week. She asked about the seven questions I ask myself every day. So, I’ll share them with you. There are more than 7 questions below. The ones with the stars are my must-answers. If I’m too busy, then the others get deleted. […]

A Peek in My Week: Games, Mattering, Questions, Laughter & Learning WHEW!

Level Up a Little Bit Every Day

a Peek in my week

Sometimes as you teach others, you end up changing yourself. It is happening so much lately to me. Here’s a peek. Game based keyboarding. My keyboarding classroom is completely game based using ClassCraft (thanks, Shawn Young) and the kids run to class. They love it. I’ve never seen anything like it, and I’m thrilled (they are too.) […]