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written by Vicki Davis @coolcatteacher

written by Vicki Davis @coolcatteacher

Hello! I’m Vicki Davis,  a full-time classroom teacher and IT Director at a small school in Georgia, USA.

Every day I teach Keyboarding to grade 8, Computer Fundamentals to grade 9, and Introduction to Computer Science to grade 10. I also coach teachers from grades kindergarten through 12th grade on how to effectively use technology to reach every child in their classroom.

This is my personal blog. I focus on excellent teaching and reaching every child. I write about teaching, technology, leadership, productivity, and writing. Sometimes I write things that don’t fit neatly into those categories.

My mission is to help as many children as possible by helping their teachers understand them, reach them, and make their classrooms an incredible place to learn.

I especially love kids who struggle because two of my own children have learning differences. I know the challenges of helping kids succeed who learn differently and want to help more parents and teachers reach kids who don’t find learning easy.

I’m also convinced, we need more teachers to live balanced, healthy, exciting lives so they can have the energy to reach children. Teaching is tough but it can also be amazing!

My goal is to create inspirational, innovative content that you can use to stay motivated in your personal and professional life. If you are in a position to teach anyone – or aspire to be – then this blog is for you.

I typically post three to five times a week with original posts. To make sure you don’t miss any of my posts you can subscribe via RSS or email(I also send special freebies and discounts to my email list, so it makes sense to join.)

Teaching is a noble calling but too many educators are discouraged, frustrated, and upset.  We can do this and live awesome lives. Let’s learn from each other, busy teachers.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Contact me or tweet me at @coolcatteacher.


Short Bio of Vicki Davis

Top Education Blog. Vicki Davis has been writing the Cool Cat Teacher blog for over 10 years and has been an Edublog award finalist for Best Teacher Blog for the last nine. This blog is listed in the top 50 blogs in education and has more than 100,000 unique visitors who read this blog each month.

Top Twitterer. Vicki was voted a top 5 twitterer in education by the Edublog awards in 2015, and named by Mashable as one of Twitter’s Top 10 Rockstar teachers.

Getting Bammy

Receiving the BAMMY for Best Talk Show Host in Education

Top Podcast. Vicki hosts the podcast Every Classroom Matters on the BAM Radio Network which consistently trends in the top 10 in the K12 iTunes store podcasts and has more than 110,000 downloads a month (and growing). In 2014, Vicki won the BAMMY Award for Best Education Talk Show Host in 2014.

Global Collaborative Pioneer. Vicki is well known for her creation of more than twenty global collaborative projects including the Flat Classroom Project which won ISTE’s Online Learning Award in 2006 and the MAD About Mattering Project in 2016.

Popular Speaker. Vicki is known for her speeches on differentiating instruction, being an excellent 21st-century educator,

teacher motivational speaker Vicki Davis

It has been an honor to keynote many technology conferences in the US and beyond.

and education technology that improves student achievement.  Her work with classrooms across the world has taken her and her students around the world- to China, India, Qatar, Dubai, Hawaii and here in the continental US where she has keynoted  conferences in 23 states and hosted countless webinars.


Author of three books. Vicki’s books  Reinventing Writing and Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds, empower teachers to connect their students to technology and the world. Anyone who signs up for her email list can download her free ebook 10 Habits of Bloggers that Win.

Widely read author. Vicki writes for Edutopia and is one of Cathy Rubin’s Global Search for Education Top 12 Teacher Blogs.Vicki has 118,720 Twitter followers (and growing) and more than one hundred thousand unique visitors read Vicki’s blog every month. Vicki’s on Tumblr, Flipboard, and Facebook, too.

Financial literacy can be taught. A screenshot of Vicki Davis' full blog post on Edutopia.

Financial literacy can be taught, but the best ways are hands-on.

Technology and Innovative Leader. Vicki is a Discovery STAR educator and a Google Certified Innovator. She has spoken at Google, Microsoft, and other technology companies about innovative classroom technology use. Her classroom was named one of the most top 10 Financially Literate classrooms in the US by the H&R Block Budget Challenge in 2014.

The numbers that count most. Vicki has 3 three children, 4 dogs, 3 cats, 105 students, and 1 husband and now one more person who has read her bio — and for that — she’s most grateful. She is honored to count many of the finest educators on the planet as her friends.

Thank you for reading my bio. Contact me if I can serve you. – Vicki



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Vicki Davis - high resolution pic with clear background for use in brochures, etc.

Vicki Davis – high resolution pic with clear background for use in brochures, etc.

1682 x 1196 casual shot

1682 x 1196 casual shot

2848 x 4288 High Res formal shot

2848 x 4288 High Res formal shot

2848 x 4288 High Res with room for cropping to a custom size

2848 x 4288 High Res with room for cropping to a custom size

1135 x 1599 photo that was also used on back cover of Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds

1135 x 1599 photo that was also used on back cover of Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds

860 x 1203 close up casual shot

860 x 1203 close up casual shot

769 x 1074 close up casual

769 x 1074 close up casual

Social media - lower res130 x 130 image

Social media – lower res130 x 130 image

JPG at 2120 x 2120 - use this and downscale for web use

JPG at 2120 x 2120 – use this and downscale for web use

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Another JPG 1870 x1739

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