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Hi, I’m Vicki Davis. I believe teaching is a noble calling. As teachers, we need encouragement, ideas and support from one another. I teach full time and have since 2002. While I could leave the classroom, I just can’t bear to leave my students.

But since I’m staying in the classroom, my “hobby” is this blog and all the things I share. It also helps me send two kids through college since we know teaching doesn’t always pay us what we deserve. 😉

Harness Your Digital Smarts – a feature video made on my classroom by Edutopia.

In 2005, I had been teaching for three years. But I didn’t really get what teaching or learning could be. My students were learning — but what? They were compliant but we didn’t have a relationship. There was a gnawing feeling in the pit of my stomach that I was made for more than this.

If I had kept on the same path, I would have continued just to copy old lesson plans. I would have been bored with my life. I never saw my family. I spent too much time at school. I wanted a great classroom. I also wanted a great life. I was tired of it all and thought about quitting.VickidavisQuote2

Plus, two of my three children have learning differences. (Don’t call them disabilities. They learn differently. Period.) Simply put, I had to learn what works to teach kids who struggle because my own children would never be their best if I didn’t. As IT director and their teacher, I had to learn this stuff.

And when I did, everything changed. My classroom got better. My children learned better. And my life improved.

What I learned centered around these three things:

  • How to use technology and be a better teacher.
  • How to build a better relationship with my students.
  • How to live a better life at home by better managing my life at school.

I realized I wasn’t alone in my quest for these things. Many teachers want to be better teachers. They want to master technology that works without being overwhelmed. They want to have more balance and better lives.

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Really, teachers are the star of this story. We’re all on an epic quest together. As I have shared what I’ve learned, teachers make up most of my 125,000 Twitter followers, have earned me top blog rankings, and 140,000 monthly downloads of my podcast, Every Classroom Matters. I’ve spoken to more than 30 conferences, and at hundreds of webinars and events. I typically keynote 5-6 events a year. (That is all I have time to do and teach full time.)

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I have written articles for Edutopia, the Washington Post, the Atlantic and all over the web. I’ve spoken at Harvard and Princeton. I’ve shared best practices in the US and Dubai, Qatar, India, China. Many major technology companies like Google, Microsoft, and Discovery Education have included me in their events. All of my work centers around encouraging, empowering and helping teachers reach every child.

I have a knack for understanding new technology.

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I understand how tech can improve lives. I like to make tech simple.

My books take a simple approach too:

  • Reinventing Writing  shares what I learned when I applied new tools to teaching writing. I focus on Google Docs, wikis, and the cool way collaborative writing can save time and get kids excited about writing.
  • Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds is coauthored with another teacher. We share how to set up collaborative projects with other classrooms and how we created our ISTE 2006 Award Winning Flat Classroom Project.
  • 10 Habits of Bloggers that Win was written to help other bloggers learn some of the tricks I’ve had to learn the hard way over the past ten years. It can also apply to classroom blogs. It will help you build your audience and focus on what is important.

The top keynotes and speeches I share build on my classroom experience. I also draw on my struggles as a Mom of two of my three children who have learning differences. (My oldest is now a senior dean’s list student at Georgia Tech. #proudmama ) 

Some popular talks?

  • Differentiating instruction with technology,
  • How to use technology that really improves learning AND works, and
  • How to influence change when you feel alone in your quest to improve learning.

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Recently featured in “Top 100 Productivity Blogs for Better Work – Life Balance” and “Best Education Blogs to Follow”.

We teachers need to support each other and learn together. Let’s travel this life together and create better classrooms and better lives! What a noble calling!

I appreciate all you do, teachers. Let’s connect! You can sign up for my mailing list.

Vicki Davis

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