Is Your School Culture Welcoming to Parents?

Best Selling Author Anne T. Henderson helps us become more parent friendly.

Parents should be partners: it sounds nice, but does it help learning? Anne T. Henderson, author of the best-selling book Beyond the Bake Sale, talks about school culture and parents. Parents are not the enemy. When we teachers engage parents as partners in helping children, we can turn around our struggling students. Also hear her talk about common mistakes schools make when they are relating to parents and figure out where your school lies in parent-friendliness.

Take a pen and paper and take notes. Where do you think your school fits? This is one of those shows to share with your board and school leadership teams.

Show Notes: Is Your School Culture Welcoming to Parents?

  • What are the four types of school cultures as they relate to parents?
  • What do student-led parent-teacher conferences look like?
  • What is the single most important factor in what parents think about your school?
  • The advocate that every struggling students need and the mistake most teachers make with their struggling students.

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