#iste2016 Day 0 Recap

Here's my storify to capture a tiny bit of what happened.

ISTE 2016 is here. It is simply impossible to capture everything, so I’ll share what I can. If you’re not here, I’ve included some powerful ways you can JOIN IN! Give it a second to load! [View the story “ISTE 2016 Day 0” on Storify]

What Is Your Mental Momentum About Teaching?

What has to happen before you can make your classroom better

What is your mental momentum about teaching?

We have a problem in the hearts and minds of many educators everywhere.  I’m guilty of it sometimes, too. Sometimes my momentum is not moving forward. I can wish for something that never will be and not do what is right in front of me. Alvin Toeffler said, “you’ve got to think about the ‘big thing’ while […]

Things Every Teacher Should Know About Digital Citizenship

Educate yourself to prevent the nightmare

what every teacher should know about

Picking the wrong technology tool can unleash a nightmare. Don’t think it can’t happen to you. If you look over the shoulder of one of Gord Holden’s 10,000 students,  it looks like they are playing a video game. They are not. They are learning. They are safe, too. Let’s dig into Gord’s three things about digital citizenship that […]

I have been looking at testing the transcription of a podcast. There are services out there that will do it, but I have concerns about accuracy. So, I’m doing it manually this first time to see if people like it (or not).

After some research, I found a service called oTranscribe that is pretty nifty. So, I made a quick tutorial.

What I love about this service is both the time stamps and how it links to the audio file. I can even have my daughter help me on it and share the file with her. When I’m done, I can export it to Google Docs! Awesome!

5 Tools To Make Your Website Faster (and Better)

Tips and Tricks for Educators Establishing a Personal Brand

5 ways to make your website faster and better

Websites crash all the time. It is a common problem for everyone from schools to teachers to businesses to anyone who has a website. Here are some tools that I recommend to help figure out why your website is crashing or just to double check to make sure it is configured properly. If you are […]

5 Ways to Make Learning Personal

with Barbara Bray and Kathleen McClaskey

5 Ways to Make Learning Personal

Barbara Bray and Kathleen McClaskey share five very important concepts in today’s show. In their book, Make Learning Personal, they talk about how you enlist the support of learners beneath their own process of learning. They argue that student should assemble a “personal backpack.” This is not a physical backpack, necessarily but includes tools and strategies […]

5 Ideas for Friday: Ideas for Teachers In and Out of School to Try Today

A sample Cool Cat Teacher newsletter

Five idea Friday

Happy 5 idea Friday! Today is the day I send my newsletter subscribers the ideas to help them be better teachers. Right now, I’m actually sending 10 ideas — five for teachers in school and five for teachers out -of-school. I’ve been getting emails with people asking me where this information is online. Five idea […]

5 Epic Endings to the School Year

Unique Ideas to Make a Difference Any Time in the School Year

How to end the school year

Every school year needs an epic ending. It doesn’t have to be hard. Don’t just walk out of your classroom at the end of the year. Make memories! In today’s show we learn five ways to end the school year and make it memorable. Show Notes: As a teacher what can we do to affirm and […]

Teacher Andrew Ward (link to Facebook) always enters class with a hearty “Buenos Dias.” Well, not always but many times. His students secretly filmed him and shared the video with him on the last day.

How do you enter class? Is it exciting? Do the kids know you’re glad to be there. Love it!