Top Teachers, Financing Education, and Improving Education: a #gesf Student Reflection

This conference day in Dubai was one of the best. Mr. Andreas Schleicher spoke with us about how teachers are not treated equally among other professions. Teachers make less money that other professions and are not respected, but they are just as important as doctors. Imagine this, if teachers stopped teaching then the world would […]

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Learning For Life Versus Learning For Grades, College, or Career

In today’s featured show, Chandler Bolt talks about breaking out of the mold and getting life done. Breaking Out Of A Broken System, was written by Chandler and his brother Seth. The money goes to fund some of their work in Africa and it is a fantastic book for students to read and discuss. Listen […]

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10 Things Everyone Should Know About Passwords

Your bank data, your accounts, your email, and your life are all wrapped up in your ability to create secure passwords and remember them. This wordcloud shows the most commonly used passwords. If you see one that you use, stop now and immediately change yours! 1 – Never Tape It On Your Desk Most password […]

Tag Cloud of most commonly used passwords

10 Health and Fitness Apps To Make Getting Fit Fun

“Exercise is a dirty word. Every time I hear it I wash my mouth out with chocolate.” ― Charles M. Schulz I’ve previously shared about cooking, let’s get physical. 1. Lose It Track calories, weight, and exercise. People who faithfully track calories in this app really do lose it. 2. Fit Bit Lots […]


Program Computers, Not Kids

If you see technology controlling students, then you’ve got a classroom using 21st century technology for 20th century teaching. If you see students creating and programming the technology, then you’ve got a more modern classroom approach. Too many classrooms cover Lesson 52 today and Lesson 53 tomorrow and the next day, guess what they’ll do…. […]


The Role of Private Education #gesf Session Summary

Over the last couple days, we have been attending the Global Education and Skills Forum (GESF). GESF is a global conference with people from all cultures and backgrounds attending. Being students from a small private school in the small town of Camilla, Georgia, we were eager to attend a session on the role of private schools […]

The moral question: Is there a place for private in education?

The Hidden Qualities of Effective Educators

Matthew Kohut claims people make a decision with a tenth of a second about a person’s warmth. Projecting a sense of warmth is imperative for teachers. Matthew and co-author John Neffinger, said in Compelling People: The Hidden Qualities That Make Us Influential that character is how one chooses to be not the way one is born. […]

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Thankful for Teacher Devotion: A Message from a Student #gesf

At the Global Education Skill Forum in Dubai, one of the things that I noticed was the overwhelming devotion of teachers to their profession and their students. I have encountered many wonderful and caring teachers throughout my career as a student, but I was overwhelmed with the passion for teaching that many of these teachers […]

Top 10 finalists for global teacher prize.

The Global Education and Skills Conference is a Cultural Smoothie #gesf

Coming from a small, traditional farming community in the southern United States, it’s a bit of a shock to suddenly find yourself immersed in such a diverse array of ethnicities and cultures-ancient and modern-young and old. New ideas and ways of thinking mix with the traditional views and cultures of people around the globe as […]


Who Will Win the $1 Million Teacher Prize? #gesf

Vicki and her student reporters will be covering the Global Education and Skills Forum in Dubai this week. You can see the live stream on the GESF website and follow the #gesf  hashtag on Twitter. You’ll be seeing her students write their opinion on the future of education right here on this blog. The $1 […]