5 Tech Tools to Try in 2017 with Jennifer Gonzalez

10MT | 10-Minute Teacher Interview with Jennifer Gonzalez

Technology moves so quickly! Do you know what to try next? Well, today’s guest and edtech expert Jennifer Gonzalez @cultofpedagogy  gives us some amazing tools to try for Five Idea Friday. Listen Now Listen on iTunes Stream by clicking here. Download this episode as an MP3 by right-clicking here and choosing “Save As.” In today’s show, we’ll […]

Digital Learning Day: Social Media PD Best Practices #DLDay

10MT | #19: 10-Minute Teacher Interview with Researcher Laura Pasquini

Leaders don’t play king of the hill, they make a bigger hill. Today is Digital Learning Day. This is a day for leaders and learners to level up digital learning. For no organization, group, or community can survive on status quo. As humans, we all lead for a season. And everything we do is either growing or […]

The Lemonade War that Motivated a Whole School to Read

10MT | #18 A 10-Minute Teacher Interview with Principal Ryan Kaczmark

When I called Principal Ryan Kaczmark @rkaczmark, he bubbled over with excitement from the Lemonade Wars experience. This elementary school-wide reading project is a sizzling combination of reading, parent relations, community service, school spirit, communications, and social media savvy. Listen Now We were going to talk about technology or school design or something else. But […]

What is the Aroma of Your Life?

Living a life well lived

What is the aroma of your life?

This morning I was getting ready to hop in the shower. I had my cup of coffee on the bathroom counter and accidentally hit it! Coffee went everywhere. After washing hairbrushes and bottles and hairspray and everything, the coffee was gone. The bathroom smells very much like coffee, though. It led me to this thought, […]

#17: Microsoft One Note: Useful Tips and Tricks for the Classroom

10MT | A 10-Minute Teacher Interview with Dr. Tom Grissom

Let’s learn about One Note with Dr. Tom Grissom. But perhaps to understand why I’m a Microsoft One Note fan, I’d like to tell you a story from several months a go. This past fall, I ran into my former student, Miller, at an away football game. She had made the University of Georgia website […]

Dave Burgess Talks Student Engagement #MondayMotivation #tlap

Great teachers attract their students to today’s topic of learning like a 3-year old boy to a mud puddle. Hooking students into a lesson is part of our essential craft of teaching. In my opinion, this artisanal craft of “hooking in” or “engaging” our students into a topic is best captured in Dave Burgess’ best-selling […]

5 Simple Ways to Gamify Your Classroom

10MT | Jessica Gordon shares her tips on the 10-Minute Teacher Show

You can gamify your classroom. It isn’t hard. Sixth-grade teacher Jessica [email protected] us tips, ideas, and links for how to gamify our classrooms now. Game based learning can be simple and free. Listen now Listen on iTunes Stream by clicking here. Download this episode as an MP3 by right-clicking here and choosing “Save As.” Jessica […]

Game Based Learning: Make Fast Teaching Games with SMART lab

Sponsored Post by SMART Learning Suite

Formative assessment and game based learning make a powerful combination in the classroom. I love SMART lab, a new feature of the SMART Learning Suite. Recently, when they sponsored several of my 10-Minute Teacher episodes, I tested SMART Notebook. While testing their software as part of the vetting process, I fell in love with SMART lab. So, here’s a […]

The Heartwarming Story Behind the Viral Video and Principal Tim Hadley’s Stand Against Bullying

10MT Episode #14 A Positive Way to Stand Against Bullying

how to stand against bullying tim hadley (2)

Bullying is so hard to handle. Often it is difficult to know what to do. Is it true? Was the student who is upset just overly sensitive? And then, those who do the bullying are often in the majority and “close ranks” so it can be almost impossible to get at the behavior. That is […]

3 Fast, Free Lesson Plans to Fight Fake News

Example Fake News Digital Citizenship Lesson Plans and Bellringers

The fake news epidemic is disturbing. How do we fight it? Well, we can take a hint from how the medical community fights the flu or any other virus. We inoculate ourselves. In this post, I’ll teach you how I teach about fake news. Just as the flu shot exposes a person to enough of the […]