How to Actually Use Your 3D Printer: 17 Tips I learned my first year

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June 29, 2015

I named my 3D printer Bob Marley. He just jammed and smoked at first. But after persistence, we jammed in a good way.

In this blog post, I share 17 tips for using a 3D printer. I learned these tips the hard way. If you read this post, you can save time.

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3d Printer

3d Printer

Many Education Games Are Worksheets with Points. 6 ways to find better learning games.

ECM 155: EdGaming expert Kae Novak tells us how to find good learning games for kids.

Pedagogy first, then technology. Kae Novak

Stop telling kids that every game is fun. They’re not. Some stink. Some rock. The word “game” doesn’t make learning great. Games shouldn’t be worksheets with points. There’s research behind good games. Learn to tell the difference. Your students will thank you. Where are we going wrong with games in the classroom? As Kae Novak @kzenovka shares in the […]

Why I hired a brand manager

A Peek Into the Business Model of an Education Influencer with 100,000 Twitter Followers

Why I hired a brand manager

Teaching all day is exhausting. Could you imagine coming home and having hundreds of emails to handle? Well, that is what happened to me. My friends always ask me how I do it all! Teachers around the world have been kind to me. I want to be generous and helpful to them. But with such […]

4 Tips to Develop Great Teacher Leaders

The books and best practices that change everything in your classroom

4 tips to develop great teacher leaders

Teachers who are leaders change the world one student at a time. Leaders are readers. Leaders are learners.  But where do we start? What do we read? What do we learn? Be a multiplier. According to the book, Multipliers, there are two kinds of leaders: multipliers and diminishers. Some leaders help a person operate at […]

A Behind-the-scenes look at what educators like

What I found when I analyzed all of my tweets from the last 12 months

Popular Trends in Education

Your clicks tell a story.  Your interests. Your problems. What you think is funny. I looked at your clickthroughs on my tweets for the last 12 months. With over 100,000 followers, your clicks tell a fascinating story with a few surprises. 1. The Top-Clicked Twitter Link of 2014-2015 (1988 clicks) Link: Richard Byrne, author of Free […]

Some teachers get frustrated trying to reach kids. This teacher has the answer.

ECM 154: How 30-Year-Teacher James Sturtevant figured out how to relate to most students.

Student teacher connections

Kids don’t get teachers. Teachers don’t get kids. Times change. Life can be hard for some kids. How do we connect when we’re so different? We need trust. We need respect. We need learning to happen. Here’s how. James has taught for thirty years. Although he’s been trained on many tools, James believes most teacher […]

Progress Happens when Educators stop looking down their nose at education in Africa and start learning with them.

ECM 153: Noble Kelly and Education Beyond Borders show how working together changes things.

"Isolated educators don't have a lack of knowledge, but a lack of access to best practices, resources, and each other." Noble Kelley

Imagine being the only teacher in a village. You’re alone. You go home on the weekend. You don’t get paid on time. Your students miss school. But one day, another teacher comes to help. You don’t feel alone anymore. Education Beyond Borders  does this now. “Isolated educators don’t have a lack of knowledge, but a lack […]

How a school threw out their reading program and finally got everyone excited about reading.

ECM 152: Principal Todd Nesloney tells you how to really get kids excited about reading.

Reading is reading. Just help students find a book they love. Todd Nesloney

No trinkets. No prizes. No book levels. One school led by Principal Todd Nesloney got rid of it all. Every teacher and every student set a simple goal: read twenty books in one semester. Any book. Any kind. If you hate the book — STOP READING IT. As he shares in the show, when Principal […]

When Students Plan a Conference, Amazing Things Happen

ECM151: Eric Walters and his students Isabella and Tylor tell all

"Students can use social media to take control our own learning. We can redefine education and learning for our generation." Isabella Fitzgerald

The first online student technology conference was held this past January 2015 led by Eric Walters and his students. They are furiously planning the 2016 event (you can join in). In this episode of ECM, Eric and two of his students tell all about social media, learning, and their plans for next year. If you […]

7 Awesome Ways to Be a Teacherpreneur and Inspire your Students to Be Exceptional

June 10, 2015

It has been some time since I first coined the word “teacherpreneur” here as it relates to the classroom teacher, but the word is becoming commonplace. ISTE sponsored a series on teacherpreneurship over on Edutopia. (Look on the left side of the post.) I think there are 7 ways that any teacher can be a teacherpreneur that are guaranteed to help students be more awesome.

Teacherpreneurs: We’re Here to Inspire

“This week, my ninth and tenth grade students had shark tank app presentations. As the culmination of a six-month effort that started with more than 30 ideas, the final seven apps were presented to a panel of “sharks.” We initially had funding to put one app live on the Apple and Google Play stores. (Now we can afford two.) Each team had five minutes to present their apps, websites, and app trailers in a last-ditch effort for the rights to “go live.”

Now, some would think that choosing only one was hurtful to the other teams. It wasn’t. Each team was incredible in a unique way, and the feedback from real-world judges made the whole experience more meaningful than ever.

7 Ways to Inspire

As a teacherpreneur, I work to create unique experiences for students that supercharge learning and increase engagement. Let’s dive into what teacherpreneurship looks like in the classroom and how you can show the craftsmanship of teaching every day.

Tip #1: Foster Social Connections and Appreciation for Each Other’s Unique Strengths

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