4 Ways to Backup Your Files and Stop Playing Russian Roulette With Your Data

BAck up Your files stop playing russian roulette with your data

Some of you are living on the edge of financial ruin. Not because you’re not a good money manager – you are. Not because you’re bad with people – you’re good with them too. No, some of you are living on the edge of financial ruin because you are not backing up your computer. Only […]

20 Top Pinterest Tips

Vicki Davis on Edutopia
February 23, 2015

Are you Pinteresting? Well, lots of educators are. The PEW Research Center has found that 28 percent of online users are using Pinterest(compared to only 23 percent using Twitter). Women dominate Pinterest with 42 percent of women online using the site. With over 80 percent of teachers being women (PDF, 1.5MB), it makes sense that teachers are all over Pinterest sharing ideas for lesson plans, centers, and resources.

Pinterest is different from other sites. When you pin something, people will be looking at and repinning it years later. Pinterest may be the secret powerhouse of educational sharing. Here are 20 power tips that you can use in many areas of schools and your classroom.

Tip 1: Follow Boards or People

Pinterest has a useful feature that lets you just follow just one board. Here’s an example. If I look at super-teacher Laura Candler’s Pinterest, I can click at the top right and follow everything she pins, or I can click “Follow” under her boards that interest me the most. So a math teacher…

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Pinterest has so many uses for educators. After reading the post I wrote for Edutopia, which is comprehensive, you may also want to check out Simple Pinterest for Beginners and 346 Uses of Pinterest in Education.

Differentiating Instruction with Technology: A Framework for Success

Differentiating Instruction with Technology: A Framework for Success

An edWeb Webinar from the Amazing Resources Community will feature Vicki Davis presenting on April 23, 2015 at 4:00pm EST. This free webinar will include: Tips for making technology use routine and transparent Ensuring technology is accessible for the task at hand Strategies for using technology to support curricular goals Strategies for using technology to […]

What Makes a World-Class Teacher? #gesf

World-Class Educators #132

Global Teacher Prize finalists Nancie Atwell, Stephen Ritz, Jacque Kahura, and Naomi Volain sat down with Vicki at The Global Education & Skills Forum to talk about their passions in education. Nancie Atwell is the winner of this prestigious prize. Listen now to find out what inspires them to offer world-class education to their students. […]

8 Top Tips for Highly Effective Professional Development

Vicki Davis on Edutopia
April 15, 2015

davis-top-tips-for-effective-pd-2-01Highly effective classrooms can result from highly effective professional development. Recent research (Butler et al., 2004) has shown that effective professional development includes creating classroom content, modeling techniques for teachers to use in their classrooms, and feedback on lessons (Harris, Graham, and Adkins, 2015). It’s not enough to teach the right things to your teachers — you have to teach your teachers in the right way.

Here are some top tips for delivering highly effective PD to your teachers.

1. Use What You Are Teaching

If a method of teaching works, that method should be used for teaching the teachers in your PD sessions. For example, if you’re teaching cooperative learning but you’re lecturing about it, that’s undermining the message. Teachers notice what you do, so model what you’re teaching by teaching with it. If you don’t have enough time to use the methods that work, then you’ve just given an out to the teachers who will say that they don’t have enough time to do it either.

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Edutopia is a fantastic resource. I appreciate the opportunity to write for them. Make your PD awesome!

Qualities of an Effective Teacher #gesf

Be an epic teacher

What are the qualities of an effective teacher? This was one of the main questions that one of the panels at the 2015 Global Education and Skills Forum tried to answer. Over and over again, all the panelists seemed to list the same characteristics that they believed an effective teacher possessed: knowledge of the subject, motivation, […]

Sketchnoting Fans: Paper 53 Built a Sketchnote Community


Paper by 53, a favorite sketchnoting app of many, gets major updates like cloud backup and Activity Center where you can share and find sketchnotes of others. This is very cool for sketchnoting fans and those who just like information. While I struggle with sketchnoting, I have this app and will be playing with it […]