5 Simple Ways to Gamify Your Classroom

10MT | Jessica Gordon shares her tips on the 10-Minute Teacher Show

You can gamify your classroom. It isn’t hard. Sixth-grade teacher Jessica Gordon@1337teach gives us tips, ideas, and links for how to gamify our classrooms now. Game based learning can be simple and free. Listen now Listen on iTunes Stream by clicking here. Download this episode as an MP3 by right-clicking here and choosing “Save As.” Jessica […]

Game Based Learning: Make Fast Teaching Games with SMART lab

Sponsored Post by SMART Learning Suite

Formative assessment and game based learning make a powerful combination in the classroom. I love SMART lab, a new feature of the SMART Learning Suite. Recently, when they sponsored several of my 10-Minute Teacher episodes, I tested SMART Notebook. While testing their software as part of the vetting process, I fell in love with SMART lab. So, here’s a […]

The Heartwarming Story Behind the Viral Video and Principal Tim Hadley’s Stand Against Bullying

10MT Episode #14 A Positive Way to Stand Against Bullying

how to stand against bullying tim hadley (2)

Bullying is so hard to handle. Often it is difficult to know what to do. Is it true? Was the student who is upset just overly sensitive? And then, those who do the bullying are often in the majority and “close ranks” so it can be almost impossible to get at the behavior. That is […]

3 Fast, Free Lesson Plans to Fight Fake News

Example Fake News Digital Citizenship Lesson Plans and Bellringers

The fake news epidemic is disturbing. How do we fight it? Well, we can take a hint from how the medical community fights the flu or any other virus. We inoculate ourselves. In this post, I’ll teach you how I teach about fake news. Just as the flu shot exposes a person to enough of the […]

Tackling Behavior Problems by Acting out Negative Stereotypes

10MT Episode #13 Interview with Todd Clinton about the "School Perfect" Project

How do you reduce problem behaviors? Could it be as simple as acting out negative behaviors? At first glance, the School Perfect project — where students act out inappropriate stereotypes — may be counterintuitive, however, sometimes kids need to know what NOT to do. Today, we’re focusing on two things: a project that is reducing […]

Cool Cat Teacher’s 31 Favorite Everyday Tools I’m Using Right Now #edtech

A special Valentine's Day Episode of 10MT with Links to Tools and Tech I Use

31 favorite tools of Cool Cat Teacher (1)

Do you want to know my productivity tips and tricks? How about what I use for digital film class? The technology I use in my classroom everyday? Well, Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m showing love to my dear teacher friends by just sharing all the tools and tips that have me excited right now. I’ve included […]

A Song for Teachers: You’re the Teacher by Jim Forde #MondayMotivation

#11 Teacher Jim Forde shares his inspirational song for teachers and the story behind it

10MT TRANSCRIPT #11 You're the Teacher by Jim Forde

Jim Forde (@stemnetwork) is a middle school science teacher in Stamford, CT for over 20 years experience. He is a past Stamford teacher of the year and a 2016 White House Champion of Change honoree for work in CS in Education. As a STEM/CS advocate, he curates the @stemnetwork twitter feed (with over 3800 followers) […]

5 Ideas for Improving Student Writing

Episode #10: Jennifer Serravallo on the 10-Minute Teacher Show

5 Ideas for Teaching Writing

Jennifer Serravallo (@jserravallo) is a literacy consultant, speaker, and the author of several popular titles including the NY Times Bestselling The Reading Strategies Book, the newly-released Writing Strategies Book, and the two-time award-winning Independent Reading Assessment Series. She was a Senior Staff Developer at the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project and taught in Title […]

5 Things That Harm a Student’s Ability to Succeed

Episode #09: A 10-Minute Teacher Show Interview with Dr. Brad Johnson

5 common mistakes we make with students

We ask students to sit and expect them to learn? We want children to act like adults? These are just two of the five things that sometimes we educators are doing today to harm student learning. For Thought Leader Thursday on the 10-Minute Teacher Show, we’re uncovering the mistakes rampant in our education system today. In today’s […]

MAD About Mattering 2017 Kickoff! #appsthatmatter

Global Collaborative App Development

Mad about Mattering 2017 Beta Teacher Kickoff

Last night we kicked off the MAD about Mattering 2017 project. Last year, we started with five schools. This year, we have fifteen schools. We’ll be in two cohorts– the Mad-junior group (kids under 13) and the MAD-senior group (kids 13 and up.) Right now, it looks like around 1,000 students making apps that matter. […]