How Do We Teach Politics to Kids During an R-rated election?

The US Presidential Election Can Be Taught: But How?


The fifteen thousand pound Statue of Freedom placed upon the US Capitol Building is dressed to defend her country. Oddly enough, she does not wear the red liberty cap, originally worn by freed Roman slaves, which was given to the French and Americans fighting in the Revolutionary Instead, she wears a helmet, ready to defend […]

140 Twitter Tips for Educators

Help for teachers curious or skeptical about Twitter


The curious teacher opened up Twitter. In the teacher’s lounge this morning, an excited teacher was talking about a new tool she’d found on Twitter that had her students raving. Rather than ask anyone, the curious teacher opened up Twitter (there was less pressure that way.) Oh, my! She thought Twitter made no sense. She saw […]

Top Tips for Fast Formative Assessment that Works

fast formative assessment that works

You’re teaching your heart out. All of a sudden, you look in their eyes and wonder if they understand. But in due time, you decide enough of them know the material and it is time for a test. After they take the test, you start grading. In a moment, you realize that while one or […]

Free Masterclass: 15 Best G Suite Tools for Schools

Note: G Suite is the new name for Google Drive

15 best tools for Gsuite Users

If you only used 15 tools in Google Docs and Apps, what would they be? Don’t be overwhelmed with all the choices.  I can help. In this free masterclass, I’m going to share my 15 Best G suite tools for Schools and how to use them in the classroom. Join me on October 25 at 4pm […]

Staples and Katy Perry Impact 1072 classrooms and 98,609 students!

A Big Thank You to Staples for their Support of Teachers and Students


Almost one hundred thousand students (98,609 to be exact) were impacted by the $1 million donation that Staples made to this past June. As I blogged this past June, Staples partnered with Katy Perry to help classrooms across the country. They made a one million dollar donation this past April and have been giving […]

5 Ways to Bring Out the Best in Everybody in Your School

Five stories to help us remember some important things about working with children

5 Ways to Bring out the Best in Everybody in Your School

Jasmine walked into the room with her feet shuffling. At this instant, she was tired. In addition to cross country, she’d been going to cheer practice and One Act Play. Furthermore, it was also the end of the first grading period and all of her teachers wanted everything YESTERDAY. Last week, her team was eliminated […]

6 Riveting Ways to Make Reading and Writing Fun for Students

Creative Literacy Lessons with Kids

riveting ways to make reading and writing

Therapy dogs. Lunch bunch. Reading groups. These are just of a few ideas you can use to excite students about reading and writing. Writing can be fun. So can reading. Let’s discuss lots of creative ideas that work. In today’s show, librarian Margo Janzi has a wealth of ideas. Additionally, she also talks about getting […]

How to Make Flipped Classroom Better

A Candid Conversation with Jon Bergmann

How to make flipped classroom better

Make videos for students. They can watch them in class or for homework. Then, spend your time in class helping students. Reduce or almost eliminate lecture. Students can stop and start the videos as they wish. They go at their own pace. You help those who need it. Flipping your classroom (or in-flipping it as I […]

45 Minute Goals Can Transform Your Teaching

Shelly Sanchez Terrell dives deep into the transformative program


Don’t walk in the classroom defeated. Make professional development personal. Start tomorrow. It is easy in simple, small steps. For the last seven years, Shelly Terrell’s 30 Goals Challenge has ignited teacher learning. Today, we’ll learn how this “quick goal” technique can transform your teaching.   Shelly wants teachers to tackle small, short goals. They take just […]

Epic Guide To Game Based Learning

100+ Game Based Learning Resources to Get Started in Your Classroom

epic guide to game based learning in the classroom

Games are fun. We can use them to teach. It isn’t that hard. Game based learning excites learning in my classroom. It can ignite your classroom too. In this post, I’ll share what I’m doing in my classroom. Additionally, I’ll give you 100+ of my favorite game based learning resources. These links and ideas will […]