36 Edtech Tools I’m Using Right Now in My Classroom and Life

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36 edtech tools I'm using in my classroom and life right now

So many of these tools are essential to me. It is amazing how I use them every single day. Here’s what I’m using all the time in my classroom (and life) right now. Some even hum along and do their job and I didn’t do a thing but set them up. 36 Tools I’m Using […]

When is it Time to Quit Teaching?

A hard question we all must consider

When do I quit teaching?

Each year I seek clarity for my teaching career. There are no easy answers here. Know this. The question is serious, “Should I teach another year?” As I ponder my own path, let me take you on a journey of thoughts. Dancing with Snakes. The Indonesian pop star, Irma Bule died at age 29 of a […]

2 Simple Ways Improve a Lesson Plan

Practical Tips for Rigor, Fun, and Retention

2 Ways to Make Any Lesson Plan Better

Sometimes small changes can take a lesson plan from “OK” to “Yeah!” By improving the rigor and fun in each lesson, you can improve student learning and make your classroom more exciting. Learn practical tips from super-teacher Laura Candler that will help you make your lessons more engaging and memorable. This is a must-listen for […]

10 Cool Ways Teachers Use Social Media to Enhance Learning

Ways teachers use social media

Doing work that matters. All students should be able to be part of that. No longer working for the teacher’s wastebasket, students across the world are connecting and sharing like never before. They are led by teachers unafraid of the world but who escort their kids out to meet the future. While a recent poll […]

Building a Dynasty in Debate (or Any Competition)

from a Montana teacher with 32 straight titles in a row!

Build a Dynasty in Debate or Any Competition

Matt Stergios has been coaching a debate team that has won their state championship in Montana since 1984. We discuss why debate is important. He also shares one of his big secrets: how he convinces key students to join the team. You’ll learn strategies that coaches can apply to any team. Matt shares how participation on […]

Where the Masterpiece of Learning Really Starts

The art and craft of great teaching

the craft of teaching

Paganini was here to play his great work “Napoleon.” His violin glistened. As he broke every string. But one. He looked to his shocked audience and held up his violin. He yelled, “Paganini and one string!” Paganini proceeded to wow them with the entire piece played on just one string. His audience marveled. But no […]

All Project-Based Learning is Not Created Equal: What Works?

Best Practices in Project-Based Learning with Suzie Boss

what works -not all project-based learning is created alike

Project-based learning (PBL) works, but not all project-based learning is alike. PBL Expert Suzie Boss takes us into assessment, project design, and teacher PD for more effective, meaningful projects that improve learning. Project-based learning should not be memorization and regurgitation. It shouldn’t be something you can Google with a simple answer. It should require deep digging, application, creativity […]

How Innovative Educators Observe, Reflect, and Share

The Innovator's Mindset with George Couros

8-Characteristics-of-the-Innovators-Mindset (1)

Many teachers say they don’t have time to connect. I live and breathe that feeling. However, when I’m down, sometimes an idea on Twitter or a suggestion on Facebook turns my day around. If there is one thing that will make you completely irreplaceable as a teacher, it would be your network. Your network is […]

How to Fight Bullying By Teaching Kids To Be Kind

Make Your School A Better Place

fight bullying by teaching kids to be kind

Perhaps meanness in school happens because we don’t teach students what to do. The #tbk (to be kind) movement is spreading like wildfire among many schools. The Schmucker Middle School National Junior Honor Society is encouraging the entire school to be kind. They heard about the program when their principal told them about Lake Brantley […]

The Journey from “Just Awful” to Great Teacher

Taking the Leap of Faith with 39-year Veteran Teacher Lou Zulli

the journey from just awful to great teacher

Great teachers are always great. Right? Wrong. Most of us start off teaching by making mistakes — LOTS OF THEM. Lou Zulli is a pro. He’s been teaching for more than 39 years. And yet, today, he remembers the times he failed. He calls himself the teacher from Ferris Bueller’s day off — he says he […]