10 Stress-Busting Secrets of Great Teachers

Sail Through the Stress of the Storm

10 Stress Busting Secrets of Great Teachers

If I look through a window pane and see teaching as weather, teaching would be the thunderstorm. And as we sail our classroom ship on this maelstrom of hormones, stress, conflicting priorities, and distractions, it takes rock-solid habits of mind and life to be the kind of self-assured captain who can weather the storm. “I […]

Episode 146: Mind Hacking: Missing Skills We’re Not Teaching Students

Sir John Hargrave on the Every Classroom Matters Show

Sir John Hargrave teaches mind hacking

Sir John Hargrave has taken the research on the mind and related it to current self-help practices to help us learn what works. In today’s episode, we learn about essential thought patterns we should understand to be successful educators.  Metacognition is an essential skill of the most successful students. I also share how I overcame my […]

Episode 145: 5 Essential Digital Notetaking Methods

Dr. Tom Grissom on The Every Classroom Matters Show

Tom Grissom shares tips on digital notetaking

Whether it is digital notetaking or notetaking, many of us agree that most students are not effectively using this technique to remember, retain, and process new information. Dr. Tom Grissom is a pioneer in the effective use of digital notes, pushing us to redefine what notes can be. Tom’s big point about notetaking is that […]

EPISODE 144: The Elements of a Great Educational Game [PODCAST]

The Every Classroom Matters Show: Matthew Farber, Expert on Gaming in the Classroom

Matt Farber - game design

Matthew Farber does a masterful job of explaining game mechanics, Bartle’s player types, and how to use gaming in the classroom. In Episode #144 of Every Classroom Matters, Matt also talks about game design as it relates to the classroom and how he uses questions to level up his classroom design. He also relates the […]

EPISODE 143: 10 Practical, Entertaining Ways to Teach with Mobile Devices [PODCAST]

The Every Classroom Matters Show: Tony Vincent, Expert on Teaching with Mobile Devices

Tony Vincent on Every Classroom Matters Episode 143

Tony Vincent started using mobile devices in the classroom back in the days of Palm Pilots. Since then, he’s become an expert on everything mobile. In episode 143 of Every Classroom Matters, Tony teaches us how to use the iPad even when you only have one. He shares about infopics and how you can use them […]

So often you find that the students you're trying to inspire are the ones who end up inspiring you.

This quote was retweeted more than 60 times since I shared it the other day on Twitter. This quote resonates with so many of us teachers.

There is something wildly special that happens when we’re giving all we’ve got to help a student get excited about learning and BOOM – it happens.

When you get close enough to see the furrowed brow and the chewed pencil eraser, you might glimpse the spark of learning ignite. Witnessing this spark is an addictive adrenaline rush of meaning and power like no other

What is greater than seeing learning take fire?

What is greater than giving all you’ve got and seeing it make a difference?

Teaching is hard. But there are precious moments when it is more than worth it. These are the moments we file in our minds and hearts and treasure for the hard days when we don’t feel like anything we teach is reaching them. Reach anyway. You can do this teacher — see how inspiring your students are because they are.

FREE WEBINAR: Living and Learning in 2025

Understand the Future of the Classroom, sponsored by Intel

Living and Learning in 2025 free webinar

On May 20, we will get a glimpse into the future. Many education leaders complain about the difficulty of long-term planning when we don’t have a clue what the future will look like in the classroom. Now we can have some insight. “Technology alone will not make our kids smarter.” says  futurist, Brian David Johnson. OK, […]

 Vicki Davis is a full time classroom teacher known for her sense of humor, practical classroom examples, and knowledge of education technology. If you want to know what 21st century teaching looks like, many – including Thomas Friedman in the World is Flat and Don Tapscott in Grown Up Digital – mention Vicki as an example. The ISTE Online Learning Award, pioneer in Open Source Virtual World Technology, and Edublog Award for the Best Teacher Blog are three of the many honors she has earned.

Vicki’s two books: Reinventing Writing and Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds, empower teachers to connect their students to technology and the world. The Cool Cat Teacher Blog, is consistently among the top 50 blogs in education worldwide. In 2013, Mashable named her one of “Twitter’s Top 10 Rockstar teachers.” She has created more than 20 global collaborative projects connecting students from more than 20 countries.

She will virtually present at the 19th Annual PSU Ed Tech Conference on May 29, 2015 9:05am CST/10:05am EST
For more information, please see the conference website -> http://www.pittstate.edu/tcc/

Date: May 29, 2015
Time: 10:05am
Event: PSU Ed Tech Conference : 50 Ways to Improve Your Classroom with Technology
Topic: 50 Ways to Improve Your Classroom with Technology
Sponsor: Southeast Kansas Education Service Center (Greenbush) & Pittsburg State University & KAECT
Venue: Pittsburg State University College of Education
Location: 1701 South Broadway Street
Pittsburg, KS 66762
Public: Public
Registration: Click here to register.
More Info: Click here for more information.

EPISODE 142: What If Everybody Understood Child Development? [PODCAST]

An Interview with Every Classroom Matters Guest, Rae Pica

You cannot hurry child development. (2)

Rae Pica is joining a cacophony of voices calling the US national standards for kindergarteners as “developmentally inappropriate” and “unrealistic.” In her new book, What If Everybody Understood Child Development?: Straight Talk About Bettering Education and Children’s Lives, Rae shares a composite of opinions and research that gives voice to the children being pushed to […]

Leaning In, Leaning Down, Putting Yourself Out There

The Struggle to "Go For It" with No Regrets on the Family Front

Leaning In, Leaning Down, and Putting

I loved Sheryl Sandberg’s TED speech upon which a movement began. But I am sitting here reflecting upon it and how I feel about my decisions to put family first. I’m sitting here in the lobby talking to other Westwood fans after an incredible game won by our Varsity Girls Basketball Team sending us to […]