5 Mistakes that Schools Do That Hurt Standardized Test Scores

A conversation with Dr. Brad Johnson on episode #65 of the 10-Minute Teacher

mistakes that schools do that hurt test scores

Today Dr. Brad Johnson @drbradjohnson talks about the mistakes schools make that hurt their standardized test scores. You might be surprised that sometimes the things schools do may have the opposite impact of what they intend. Consider this feedback as you prepare to administer testing this spring. Listen Now Stream by clicking here. Download this […]

Fast Problem Solving and Innovation with #HackLearning

A conversation with Mark Barnes on episode 64 of the 10-minute Teacher Podcast

problem solving with the hack learning model

Today Mark Barnes @markbarnes19 discusses a popular method of problem solving: Hack Learning. Instead of a 5 year plan, this model helps educators improve on a daily and more short term basis. He gives examples of how educators are hacking (and improving) meetings and more. Let’s Hack Learning! Listen Now Stream by clicking here. View […]

Teaching CyberSecurity to Empower Students and Schools to Be Safe

A conversation with David Raymond of the Virginia Cyber Range on the 10-Minute Teacher #63

Today David Raymond @dnomyard is part of equipping Virginia high school students to defend themselves from cyber attacks. With knowledge in digital forensics and current technology, the Virginia Cyber Range is working to lead the world in educating its students on cyber security. Learn how in this wide-ranging conversation about modern security. In today’s show, we’ll […]

Special Needs #edtech treasure chest with Jennifer Cronk

A conversation with Jennifer Cronk on episode #62 of the 10-Minute Teacher

edtech special needs treasure chest with Jennifer Cronk

Today Jennifer Cronk @jenniferacronk helps us empower those with special needs. She shares her treasure chest of favorite edech tools for those with special needs. This show is a must-listen for special needs teachers. In today’s show, we’ll discuss special needs edtech with Jennifer Cronk and: Why speech recognition empowers students How to help students […]

Combatting Emotional Fatigue: A Teacher’s Occupational Hazard #mondaymotivation

A conversation with Joan Flaherty on episode 61 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast

combatting emotional fatigue pinterest

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life” Mary Oliver. Today’s guest, Joan Flaherty, author of Rest and An Approach to Rejuvenating our Teaching and Ourselves, talks about how we can combat emotional fatigue. Teacher, you have one wild and precious life. Our students do too. We […]

9 Fine Ways to Do Better 20% Time

A global search in education blog post

9 fine ways to do 20% time (1)

Twenty percent time from Google. Or a genius hour. Or passion projects. Or compassion based engineering. I’ve written about these before. First, I’ll define the terminology. Second, I’ll give you an example from my classroom happening right now. Finally, I’ll take you through nine of the components that help teachers have a successful 20% time […]

5 Easy Brain Breaks for Your Classroom

A conversation with Rob Donatelli on episode 60 of the 10-minute Teacher Podcast

5 easy classroom brain breaks

Want to help students learn and be more refreshed? Students need breaks too. That is why brain breaks are becoming so popular. Teacher Rob Donatelli @DTown_MrD talks about the brain breaks phenomenon. Then, Rob gives teachers five ideas he uses in his classroom for brain breaks. Take a brain break today! Listen Now Stream by […]

Tips for Successful Digital Parenting

A conversation with Weston Kieschnick on the 10-minute Teacher Podcast

Tips for successful digital parenting

How much time on devices is too much time? Should kids put up their smartphones and talk to each other and parents sometimes? Are we using technology too much as parents? Today, for Thought Leader Thursday, Weston KieschnickWeston Kieschnick @wes_kieschnick and I have a conversation about digital parenting. There aren’t easy answers but one thing is […]

How the African STEP Dance Ignited Kids at Ron Clark Academy

A conversation with Junior Bernadin on episode 58 of the 10-Minute Teacher

How the African Step Dance ignited kids at Ron Clark Academy

African Step, based on the African Gum Boot Dance, has an American version with a competition. Junior Bernadin @jbernadin one of the STEP coaches at 3-time national champion winning Ron Clark Academy. Learn about this marvelous type of song/ dance and its role in African American culture. Also, hear about Junior’s commitment to excellence and […]

Richard Byrne’s Most Exciting Edtech Tools

A conversation with Richard Byrne on Episode #57 of the 10-minute Teacher Podcast

Richard Byrne's most exciting edtech tools

Today Richard Byrne @rmbyrne discusses the edtech tools he’s most excited about today. From video tools, creation tools, to app creation, you’ll hear lots of ideas. Plus, he’ll tell you about his newest project. Listen Now Stream by clicking here. Download this episode to listen offline by right-clicking here and choosing “Save As.” In today’s […]