Creating a Vision for Your School and Getting Buy In from Stakeholders

Lynn Fuini-Hetten on episode 259 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast

Strategic planning for your school or district can take a variety of forms. In today’s show, learn how one successful district has tackled this process and how they are getting buy in from teachers on the vision during the second year of implementation. Check out Jennifer Gonzalez’ 2018 Teacher’s Guide to Technology for more than […]

Secrets of Living an Epic Life Full of Meaning

Day 45 of 80 Days of Excellence

Out beyond complacency and comfort lies a land of opportunity. It requires that you no longer comform to the comfortable. You can’t “phone it in.” You have to work. You have to dream. You can’t settle. Everyone wants success – well, most do anyway. And most people say the same thing. Everybody is shooting for […]

Iditarod Teacher: How to Connect and Learn from the Iditarod Race

Heidi Sloan on episode 258 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast

Heidi Sloan is the Iditarod teacher for this year. It starts on March 3 – 18. Get free lesson plans, connect with a musher and get your kids excited. Check out Jennifer Gonzalez’ 2018 Teacher’s Guide to Technology for more than 200 tools with special tips, videos, and screenshots to get you started. Listen Now […]

Keep Your Head Up When You Stumble

Day 44 of 80 Days of Excellence

Westwood Schools Alumnus, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Hilliard, (soon to be a Colonel in the Army) spoke to our students today. As he talked about success and failure, he said something incredible, “If your head is up when you stumble and you’re looking forward, then you will see an open door.” Lt. Colonel Robert Hilliard, US […]

Google Jamboard

Tom Mullaney on episode 257 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast

Google Jamboard is a fun interactive app. There’s hardware too, but don’t be worried. The free app has lots to play with. You just download it on Google Play or iTunes and use it with your touch Chromebook or iPad after listening to Tom Mullaney share how it works. Enjoy this fun, free tool. Check […]

What Do You Wear? A Bib or Apron

Day 43 of 80 Days of Excellence

Garrett Grubbs, the Youth Minister at Sherwood Baptist Church, said something in a recent sermon that has me rethinking about almost everything in my life. Before you jump off the page, this quote has non-religious applications as well if you’ll read on for a moment. Now, Pastor Garrett was talking about prayer when he said […]

The Compassionate Achiever: Understanding Empathy and Compassion So We Don’t Burn Out

Chris Kukk on episode 256 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast

Dr. Chris Kukk, author of The Compassionate Achiever, combines neuroscience with social sciences to discuss why compassion helps us achieve more. He also shares the difference between empathy and compassion and why one of these is a recipe for burnout. Listen Now Listen to the show on iTunes or Stitcher Stream by clicking here. *** […]

Get Rid of Excuses and Get Ahead

Day 42 of 80 Days of Excellence


A fictional account of what happened in Daniel captured my interest tonight. Taken from the book Agents of Babylon by David Jeremiah, on page 169, the fictionalized Daniel talks about the peace in the districts he manages and says, “Unrest always has an underlying — and often legitimate — cause… it serves us well as […]

Waste: Finding Balance in a Demanding World

Day 41 of 80 Days of Excellence

To complain without action or to pour yourself out without reservation: both of these habits are a waste. Not all bad things are worth belaboring. All good things are not you-things that you have to do. Sometimes a desert of exhaustion and despair is of our own making. Right now, we have a long weekend […]

5 Ways to Stop Bullying in Every School

Rick Rando on episode 260 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast

School culture and policies are part of what helps us combat bullying in schools. Rick Rando, school empowerment speaker, shares what schools can do to help stop bullying. Check out Reinventing Writing, the book I authored that teaches about the nine collaborative writing tools, how to build writing communities, and tips and tricks for collaborative writing in […]