Students Help Design School Supplies for Staples: Let’s Get Students Involved

Staples Back to School Council

Staples worked with Ron Clark’s students (pictured above) and others around the country during this past school year. The result is a new line of back-to-school products designed by kids.

Students should be involved in their education. They can also change their world. I’m excited about filling my son’s locker with items from Staples because they are PRACTICAL. (The Designed by Students locker shelf below is so unique, I was like — why didn’t some adult think of that?) It is great to see companies empower […]

DON’T MISS IT: Teachers Leading Teachers Online Conference Starts Thursday

July 16-20, 2015 (Live and Video Recordings Available)

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 6.46.49 PM

Join the best PD experience of the summer! Teachers Leading Teachers Conference begins on Thursday. I will present Differentiating Instruction with Technology, at 9:30 am EDT Friday. Many amazing educators will be presenting: Kathy Cassidy, Jackie Gerstein, Pernille Ripp, Beth Hammett, Trevor Muir, Diana Gettman Flores, Erin Klein, Nick Provenzano, Starr Stackstein, Michelle Baldwin, and more!! […]

"The more you read, the more things you will know, the more that you learn, the more places you'll go." Dr. Seuss

“The more you read, the more things you will know, the more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

Dr. Seuss

How Iron Chef Lesson Plans Make Cooperative Learning Awesome

A new Every Classroom Matters episode

Click to play Jon Corippo and Iron Chef Lesson Plans Every Classroom Matters episode

In this episode, the inventor of “Iron Chef” lesson design, Jon Corippo shares with Vicki his remix of the jigsaw cooperative learning method.  Iron Chef Lesson Design with American Idol peer feedback may just be your favorite new cooperative learning method. (You can’t make this stuff up! 😉) Important Takeaways for Listeners John opens the show […]

3 Ways Monsters and Minecraft Can Drive Great Teaching and Learning

A New Every Classroom Matters Episode

Joel Levin on Every Classroom Matters

In this episode, Minecraft EDU creator Joel Levin talks with Vicki about Minecraft in schools. Want your school to use Minecraft? This is THE episode to share! Get those kids excited about learning! You can use Minecraft! Important Takeaways for Listeners Minecraft makes great student-centered student-led projects. Joel gives examples. How do you talk to kids about Minecraft in the classroom? […]

Think It Up: New Site to Fund Student Passion Projects, Receives $10 million pledge from Staples

A Great Way to Fund Your Makerspace or Student Projects

Nick Jonas is the Staples Back to School Ambassador for the #ThinkItUp program

Students can change the future. You can be part of it.  Today, Staples pledged $10 million to Think It Up. Think It Up is a nonprofit supported by the Entertainment Industry,, and Staples. We can help our students create, invent, and share their projects — AND RECEIVE FUNDING! I’m so excited! According to the […]

What Schools Do Not Teach: 20 Ways to Help Students Excel

A new Every Classroom Matters Episode

ECM Dr. Brad Johnson

In this episode, Dr. Brad Johnson joins Vicki to talk about improving teacher talents, proven ways to engage students and student leadership. Brad says if we follow this approach we can help teachers be six times more engaged in teaching and have a three times better quality of life. Important Takeaways Brad shares what you have […]

Why Wolfram Alpha has a place in math and two more game-changing ideas for schools.

ECM 156: Alan November shares 3 essential elements for excellent education

Students who have self assessment skills are the strongest students. Alan November

Students who self-assess are the best? That’s what Alan November says. Research shows that students who self-assess their work become top students. What does this mean? Any school can improve with these three things. 1. We need to check how rapidly students get feedback, especially in math. Alan tells the story of the student who […]