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Free this Week! Learn about Social Emotional Learning and the Impact on Kids


Social Emotional Learning is so important. The free online conference going on now put together by Jason and Ceilia Hilkey with experts like Alfie Kohn, Tony Wagner and many more experts on this topic is a must-listen and share. My interview will air on Friday about Using Projects to teach Compassion AND Technology to share how compassion-based […]

1 Easy, Fun Way to Ignite a Love of Reading

A Tip for Parents and Teachers

1 easy fun way to ignite the love of reading

He was dyslexic. I’m not sure if there is such a thing is “very” dyslexic. If there was, he was. I had a trick that worked with my older children. But would it work for him? The “trick” was simple. On a long trip, I would start reading the Chronicles of Narnia. I would put […]

Ending the School Year with Epic Ideas and Intrigue

End the School Year Like a Pirate with Dave Burgess

ending the school year

Your legacy moment as a teacher is the last day of school. In today’s high-energy show Dave Burgess will get us all motivated to end the school year well. Show Notes: Some epic (but easy) ideas for ending the school year. Great ideas for teachers who are burning out and tired that will get your […]

2 Ways to Unleash More Energy By Examining Your Relationships

Living an Epic Life Full of Meaning

Don't be a vampire. Be a dragon slayer

Examine your relationships. You may find a secret stash of energy waiting to be unleashed. The People Who Drain Our Energy Some people are vampires. When they come around, you taste dread. Inevitably, they will suck your blood. Well, not literally, they won’t suck your blood. But certainly they’ll absorb your will to live. You are […]

STEM can be fun, just do this.

8 Ideas for Fun STEM Learning with Kids

8 Ideas for Making STEM Fun

STEM lessons can be fun. Whether it is origami jumping frogs or making a boat out of cement, Mandy Casto has eight high-energy ideas for making STEM fun. She also shares her favorite ways to find new ideas and about the success of school-wide “STEM Time” for the students each week. Show Notes: 8 Lessons […]

7 Tips for Teachers Who Have No Interest in Coding

21st Century Skills Made Simple

7 easy ways to teach coding

Grant Smith helps teachers learn to code. Surprisingly, he says that teachers have less to learn about teaching coding than programmers do! Today’s episode will help you learn how you can teach coding too. From simple sites to the tips and tricks to get you started, now is the time to learn to code. Show […]

The 7 Questions I ask myself EVERY day

Living an Examined Life of Loveliness

7 questions I ask myself every day

Tracy left me a comment on the 36 Edtech Tools blog post I posted this week. She asked about the seven questions I ask myself every day. So, I’ll share them with you. There are more than 7 questions below. The ones with the stars are my must-answers. If I’m too busy, then the others get deleted. […]

Lower Test Anxiety and Improve Retention with These Strategies

Todd Finley shares research and best-practice from his classroom

Lower Test Anxiety and Improve Retention with These Strategies

Learn about the newest innovations in testing and assessment. You can improve retention and lower anxiety. Try these simple strategies from Todd Finley. 2 Power Assessment Tips: Learn about how Todd combines social-emotional learning with formative assessment. Plus, he has powerful year-end strategies that reduce test anxiety. Thank You Fresh Grade, Today’s Sponsor What You’ll Hear […]

36 Edtech Tools I’m Using Right Now in My Classroom and Life

and a Link to a Free Resource with More Tips

36 edtech tools I'm using in my classroom and life right now

So many of these tools are essential to me. It is amazing how I use them every single day. Here’s what I’m using all the time in my classroom (and life) right now. Some even hum along and do their job and I didn’t do a thing but set them up. 36 Tools I’m Using […]

When is it Time to Quit Teaching?

A hard question we all must consider

When do I quit teaching?

Each year I seek clarity for my teaching career. There are no easy answers here. Know this. The question is serious, “Should I teach another year?” As I ponder my own path, let me take you on a journey of thoughts. Dancing with Snakes. The Indonesian pop star, Irma Bule died at age 29 of a […]