7 Things Every Educator Needs to Know About Online Learning

An Every Classroom Matters Episode

7 things every educator needs to know about online learning

Online learning is growing. How do online classrooms differ from the face to face classroom? What about the student/teacher relationship? Jade Ballek is a principal of an online K12 school in Canada. She tells all: the challenges of online learning and the strengths. Sylvia Duckworth made a sketchnote to go with this show! Thanks Sylvia! (See […]

Successful Parent Teacher Communication Tips

3 Important Times We Have to Talk

Parent Teacher Communication success tips

Students need parent teacher communication. We need to work together to help kids. There are three essential times for parent teacher communication. Introductions Ongoing communications When problems or unforeseen circumstances happen I’ve been a teacher for fourteen years and a Mom for twenty. I’ve seen the good and bad from both sides. Here’s what I’ve learned. […]

Want kids to love school? Stop telling them they stink and find their strength.

The Teacher as a Talent Scout

Talent Plus Passion equals purpose. Dr. Brad Johnson

Good schools don’t just teach you subjects. Good schools teach you about yourself.  A focus on strengths is the secret to a better school. We want students to be leaders, but we never let them lead. Let’s change that! Here’s how.   Do you want your teachers to be six times more engaged in teaching? Do […]

10 Ways to Build Powerful Parent Partnerships from Day One

An Every Classroom Matters Episode on Building Parent-Teacher Relationships sponsored by Bloomz


First-rate teachers value parents. Jumpstart positive parent partnerships from day one.   Show parents how much they matter. Principal Amy Fadeji and Superintendent Joe Sanfelippo have a collection of simple ideas. Important Takeaways How to Connect. Four ways Amy encourages teachers to connect with parents. (Check out our show sponsor Bloomz too!) First contact. First-rate teachers value parents. Jumpstart […]

7 Assessment Tips and Tools to Know What Your Students Are Really Learning

An Every Classroom Matters Episode with Garnet Hillman


How do we know our students have really mastered the standards we are supposed to teach? Assessment coach Garnett Hillman helps us understand how our assessments need to change. (We might even learn that we don’t have to grade so much and get better results.) We learn the tools and tips to help us with assessments. Important […]

FREE BOOK: 10 Habits of Bloggers that Win by Vicki Davis

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10 Habits of Bloggers That Win

Ten Habits of Bloggers that Win is one of my most popular posts of all time. Ten simple habits have helped me grow this blog. Since I wrote that post in 2006, it needed an update. It grew into an ebook. Eventually, I’ll sell it on Amazon. For now, I’m giving it away to a […]

These 5 Things Won’t Make You a Better Teacher, This One Will

An Every Classroom Matters Episode with Josh Stumpenhorst


Wish your school would remember what teachers are supposed to be? Sick of the buzzword bandwagon? This is THE episode to share about how we need to reinvent teaching today. Josh Stumpenhorst will get you motivated to teach. We can get kids excited about learning! You can be a better teacher. Here’s how. Important Takeaways […]

Back to School Savings with #Teacher Appreciation Event at #Staples

Sponsored by Staples

Back to school ideas of things I purchased from Staples.

Back to school already? Yes it is! I go back to school August 10, so I’ll so be hitting Staples for their Teacher Appreciation event August 2-9. Hopefully, you’ve all already joined the Staples Teacher Rewards Program. If so, you’ll get 40% back in Teacher Rewards for school supplies, teaching, art supplies, cleaning supplies and […]

Students Help Design School Supplies for Staples: Let’s Get Students Involved

Staples Back to School Council

Staples worked with Ron Clark’s students (pictured above) and others around the country during this past school year. The result is a new line of back-to-school products designed by kids.

Students should be involved in their education. They can also change their world. I’m excited about filling my son’s locker with items from Staples because they are PRACTICAL. (The Designed by Students locker shelf below is so unique, I was like — why didn’t some adult think of that?) It is great to see companies empower […]