8 Ways to Become a Better Educator Every Day

Great teachers self-assess. Poor teachers change nothing.

8 Ways to Become a Better Educator Every Day

Test yourself. Is your teaching solid? Don’t take for granted that students are learning. Give yourself a regular check up. Great teachers learn. They learn about their pupils. They understand their classroom.  They make it better. Great teachers become a better educator every day. I can tell a great teacher with one question. “What is the […]

Top Blog Posts on the Cool Cat Teacher Blog

November 2015

Top 10 Blog Posts and Shows on the Cool Cat Teacher Blog and Every Classroom Matters Podcast

November has been a busy month. Not only are teachers using new tools, but they are struggling with burnout and old-fashioned interpersonal skills. We are needing inspiration and simple edtech advice as shown by the top blog posts here on the Cool Cat Teacher Blog and shows this month. Top 10 Blog Posts of November […]

WHAT THE EXPERTS SAY about Talking to Children About Terrorism

Every Classroom Matters Episode 193

Talking to kids about terrorism.

How should we be talking to children about terrorism? Did you know children under six shouldn’t be watching the news? Do you know the biggest worries of high schoolers when they hear of terrorism? Child trauma expert Dr. Steven Berkowitz helps parents and teachers understand how we talk to kids of various ages about terrorism. […]

Help students dig deep and ask their own questions.1

Project Based Learning: Teaching Students to Be Curators

Every Classroom Matters Episode 191

project based learning students as curators

What is the secret to effective online project based learning? How can we get kids excited about writing? Nancy White shares how. She reflects upon two big projects. Nancy had one that worked well. She had another one that floundered. What was the difference? Apply Nancy’s principles and have better online writing today. Important Takeaways- […]

Can You Fix Twitter Counts? (and Why They Are Broken)

Social Media Insights

Can you fix Twitter counts? And why they are broken

Twitter counts on blog posts are broken. Can you fix Twitter counts? Why did this happen? Is Twitter in trouble? Let’s not panic, let’s analyze what has happened and how we can still find Twitter counts on a page (for now.) Although Twitter announced some time ago their plan to get rid of the counts […]

Alec Couros’ 6 Epic Educational Truths

Every Classroom Matters Episode 193

Alec Couros epic educational truths

When you see an accomplished educator like Alec Couros, it is easy to think that he’s always been this way. You might believe that he’s never made mistakes. You might think that everything was perfect from day one. In this conversation, Alec takes us through his educational journey and the truths he’s learned along each […]

Top Posts for Teachers This Week

News and Trends: Sunday, November 22, 2015

Top Education blog posts for teachers this week

This was a busy week at my school. Kids weren’t too excited to be there but we got so much done anyway. Friday was capped off with sharing with each student something that makes them special. The response was amazing from parents but it was about the students. Every student needs to know they matter. […]

3 Learning Experiences You Should Give to Every Student

Every Classroom Matters Episode 192

3 learning experiences you should give to every student

Writable surfaces. Movable spaces. Micro environments. Never heard these terms? Our classroom design helps us create learning experiences for students.  David Jakes explains modern classroom design. Essential Questions: 3 Learning Experiences You Should Give to Every Student How can classroom design improve learning? What are cutting edge trends in classroom design? Are there simple, inexpensive ways […]

Top 10 Education Tweets of the Week: November 21, 2015

Trends and Tweets that Have People Talking

top education tweets

Emotions and relating to other humans is reflected in a subtle way on this week’s top education tweets. Teachers are telling kids and each other that they matter. Teachers are talking about making their own music in their classroom. Thanksgiving-themed lesson plans are being shared while many educators gear up for Hour of Code in […]