AR, VR, and MR for All Classrooms

Augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality are terms being thrown around in technology circles. But what do the mean? How are they being used in the classroom? Jaime Donally talks about these technologies in simple language and helps us understand the classroom applications of them. Today’s Sponsor: Advancement Courses Donor’s Choose. From now until September […]

A Learner Centered Innovation Model

Katie Martin on Episode 341 of the 10-Minute Teacher

341 katie Martin

Katie Martin, an ISTE 2018 keynote, talks about the importance of putting learners at the center of your innovation model. She starts with the questions we need to ask ourselves and our students and talks about what learner-center innovation looks like. Get inspired and motivated by listening to Katie. Today’s Sponsor: Advancement Courses Donor’s Choose. From […]

5 Ideas to Tap Social Media to Enhance PD and Student Learning

Nikki Robertson in Episode 340 of the 10-Minute Teacher

340 nikki robertson social media

Nikki Robertson, ISTE Librarians Network President Elect, shares five ways to use social media to enhance professional development and improve student learning. Can you use Snapchat to connect with parents? Can social media be effective professional development? Nikki shows us how. Listen to Nikki Robertson on Episode 340 Listen to the show on iTunes or Stitcher Stream by […]

Hacking Early Childhood

Jessica Cabeen on Episode 339

339 Jessica Cabeen

Jessica Cabeen, the 2017 Minnesota National Distinguished Principal, and talks about how we can hack and improve early learning. This is a must-listen for kindergarten principals and teachers. Listen to the show on iTunes or Stitcher Stream by clicking here. Jessica Cabeen’s Bio Jessica is the Principal of Ellis Middle School in Austin Minnesota. Prior to that, she […]

Math Success with No Textbook

Mandi Tolen on Episode 338 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast

338 episode math

Mandi Tolen shares how she teaches math, engages students and teachers to standards with NO TEXTBOOK. From choose your own adventure stories to other engaging methods, all teachers will have something to learn from this teacher who ditched her textbook and enhanced learning. Listen to the show on iTunes or Stitcher Stream by clicking here. Bio of Mandi […]

20 Tech Tips to Shake Up Learning

Episode 337 with Kasey Bell


Kasey Bell shares her tech tips for helping teachers make progress with technology. She also shares the biggest mistake she’s made as a teacher relating to edtech. Listen to the show on iTunes or Stitcher Stream by clicking here. Kasey Bell’s Bio Kasey Bell is part sparkling smile, part witty personality and a whole heap of passion as […]

A Gullible Population Is a National Security Issue

A Global Search for Education Reflection

Information Literacy russian ads

The hair on my arm prickled up like porcupine quills, but there was no breeze. It was a discussion about a digital literacy issue at the U.S. Army War College National Security Seminar that caused this response. Suddenly, information literacy became real — and urgent. A Note from Vicki: This post is in response to Cathy […]

The Irreplaceables: What AR and AI Mean for the Future of Teaching #iste18

A look into the future

Augmented reality and artificial intelligence are on the horizon. What do they mean for education and teachers? What kinds of teachers will be irreplaceable and what kinds of teachers will lose their jobs? Today, we seek to answer this question. This week I’m at ISTE where AR and AI are hot topics. So, it is […]

ISTE 2018: Where I’ll Be Presenting and Joining in the Learning #iste18

My schedule for the Edtech Event of the Year!

ISTE 2018 is here again. I’ve been going most years since 2006 and while it overwhelms me, it is truly an awesome learning experience. This post is full of resources to get the most of your ISTE 2018 experience whether you are there (or not.) ISTE 2018 hashtags Remember to follow (and use) the official […]